Statement of Ethics

At Development Solutions Consultancy we strive to build a work ethic that is consistent with promoting opportunity for individual growth, empowerment, professionalism and furthering the combating and prevention of corruption. Such an ethic is vested in human dignity and fosters a strong customer focused business character of this company. To create such a client favourable work environment Development Solutions Consultancy upholds the following core values and the anti-corruption ethos:

  • Integrity involves honesty and constructive challenge. Honest means being open and truthful in all dealings with customers, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders. Constructive challenge means ability to innovate or have originality and not just taking things as they are, being able to put forward new ideas and effectively using one’s knowledge in the interest of team work.

    Evidence of integrity will be observed through honesty and truthful dealings with clients, staff openness and freedom of expression and leadership of ideas that knows no hierarchy within the company. Company management systems and practices will also support empowerment and continuous personal development.
  • Respect for everyone. Everyone needs respect; treating people the way you would like to be treated without disrespect to authorities. This requires everyone to remember that they have an obligation to treat other people as they would like to be treated and respect (not fear) of authority. Respect also builds the base for integrity and team work.

    Evidence will be found in the way company management and employees treat each other and how management systems support enhancement of respect of both employees and clients.
  • Team work means ability to work collaboratively with others. It means listening more to others and talking less, giving opportunity to others to express themselves through words, ideas and deeds. Team work means being able to deliver together as a team, taking credit and responsibility as a team and being able to put others first.

    Evidence of team work within the company will be collective planning and progress reviewing, sharing of work documents and reports, accepting criticisms from others and turning them into opportunity of learning from one another as well as existence of management systems and practices that support participatory processes.

Combating and prevention of corruption

Corruption undermines good governance and economic growth, distorts national development and retards the general welfare of citizens, particularly the poor and the vulnerable in society. It is the policy of Development Solutions Consultancy that its staff will not engage themselves in corrupt practices. Evidence of involvement will be dealt with stern measures including dismissal from employment.