Programme Formulation

Programme formulation brings into play all the elements of planning.

Sector wide programme formulation is usually carried out by government Ministries. Apart from focusing on major roles of a Ministry, sector wide programme formulation identifies and assigns roles to Agencies and Parastatal Organizations under the Ministry.

Before you begin programme formulation, allow us to conduct a situational analysis to inform your planning.

A good sector wide programme should contain the following:

  • Extensive situational analysis that justifies the programme formulation.
  • Clear and objective Ministry linkage with its Agencies, Parastatal Organizations and private sector that envisages coherent and unified sectoral performance.
  • Measurable objectives to be achieved.
  • Clear strategies for achieving the objectives.
  • Indicative work plan for the programme duration
  • Annually phased activity based indicative budget.
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework to guide internal and external performance review.