Situational Analysis

A situational analysis defines and interprets the state of the environment in relation to formulation of a programme, project or strategic plan.

It provides the context and knowledge for:

  • Discerning critical issues
  • Developing hypotheses
  • Assessing opportunities and vulnerability to be considered in planning.
Situational analysis is an effective means of informing programme formulation.

Conducting a situational analysis involves one or a combination of desk based literature review, field surveys, and consultation with stakeholders.

Depending on the envisaged extent of work, a situational analysis may be carried out either as:

  • Part of a process of programme or project formulation
  • Part of strategic planning
  • A discrete prior assignment to inform planning.

We have extensive experience in conducting situational analyses, including the rights based analysis approach. We have done this as discreet assignments to inform programme formulation and other forms of planning.