Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

Countries all over the world are seriously concerned with conserving the environment in order to sustain life. Governments are taking various measures to manage development and human activities, aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment.

Of utmost importance is the prior assessment of development initiatives for potential environmental impacts with the view to averting or mitigating such impacts.

This is achieved by carrying out environmental impact assessment of development projects and strategic impact assessment of policies, programmes and development plans.

Strategic environmental impact assessment may be necessary after programme formulation before your programme can go ahead. We can facilitate any stakeholders workshops necessary to pass assessment.

Strategic environmental impact assessment is the term for a systematic and comprehensive process of evaluating any potential environmental effects of:

  • Bills before enactment into laws or policies.
  • Programmes and plans before their implementation.

Environmental law in Tanzania requires policies, laws, development plans and programmes to be subjected to strategic environmental impact assessment.

We undertake strategic environmental impact assessment of bills, policies, programmes and development plans.