Effective Preparation for Employment

Today’s job market is characterized by a relatively large number of university and college graduates entering the labour market.

There is high competition for fewer jobs and increasing demands by employers not only for technical competencies, but also employability competencies.

At the same time most employees have increasingly come to depend on employment for their livelihood and more importantly for their personal success.

For this reason, ability to prepare competitive job application letters, write proper CVs, perform competitively in job interviews and position one’s self for success through employment are crucial skills for young graduates.

Once in employment, you may benefit from another of our training modules: Enhancing Personal Success through Employment.

Recognizing that these skills are not taught at universities and colleges, we offer this 2-day training module geared to enhancing competitiveness of young graduates in the job market.

On completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Competitively apply for jobs.
  • Perform competitively in interviews.
  • Have a clear vision for their own success in employment.

Further thoughts

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