Annual Work Planning

It is not enough for the chief executive of an organization to pull out and show the strategic plan document as evidence of where the organization will be in the next two years.

A Strategic Plan document is just a document. It needs to be timely translated into concrete and demonstrable results.

There still remains considerable divide between planning and execution among many organizations and eliminating it is essential and urgent.

An organization’s best indicator of its strategic direction and future outcomes is a look at what it is doing rather that what it is saying. This is achieved by looking at an organization’s annual business plan, detailing implementation and how that implementation is evaluated.

Annual work planning is all about translating strategic plans to action. When done right the annual plan also includes its own budget.

We specialize in facilitating and building capacity of organizations to effectively link the strategic plan to implementation through annual business planning. As strategic planning entails choosing to do the right things, annual business planning is about implementing the right activities.

Identifying the right activities involves considerable decision making and prioritization utilizing tools like the 80/20 rule. It is crucial | because activities consume resources. It is important that resources are allocated appropriately for effective performance. This is achieved through results based annual business planning.