Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a systematic process of making value judgement on what has been achieved in relation to implementation of activities geared towards planned results.

The process involves:

  1. Collecting data from the implementation of programmes, projects and plans.
  2. Storing data with availability and accessibility in mind.
  3. Analysing data for trends, opportunities, problems, and the unexpected.
  4. Using analysis results to inform future planning, implementation and accountability.
Having an M&E system in place before implementing a Strategic Plan is a smart move. In any case, the plan should be designed with M&E in mind: clear measurable outcomes or goals. This will in turn make work planning easier.

Often an M&E plan with reporting tools is developed as an integral part of planning. And evaluation is done before, during and after implementation.

Where an M&E plan has not been prepared along with a project, programme or strategic plan, we can develop one for you.

Our approach to developing a M&E plan involves some key participatory activities:

  • Ensuring objectives are customer focused
  • Ensuring outcomes are measurable and in line with objectives, hence allowing us to arrive at a level of impact
  • Identifying measurable indicators and time-bound performance targets from the objectives and strategies of the project, programme or strategic plan
  • Identifying data to be collected (including baseline data), together with frequency and means of collection
  • Developing reporting tools
  • Developing an electronic database.

Further thoughts

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