Organization Restructuring

Organization structuring may be more frequently done than is commonly practiced in Tanzania.

Apart from developing an organizational structure to implement the mandate of an organization, there is often need to review the structure as part and parcel of strategic planning in order to ensure appropriate deployment of human resources.

Aligning your organization to your Strategic Planning makes implementation much smoother. This is so because a fitting structure allows for efficient work planning which in turn allows for open and fair staff performance appraisal.

Poor delegation, frequent implementation delays, too many meetings. These are signs that an organization restructuring might be necessary.

Whatever the cause for your restructuring or review we are here to help you. The following are key issues we consider during organization restructuring:

  • Efficiency of production or service delivery
  • Effectiveness and timeliness of communication within the organization
  • State of employee empowerment
  • Key roles in management and operations along with their job descriptions

Further thoughts

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