Staff Performance Appraisal

Staff performance appraisal caters for a different purpose from that provided by continuous performance review. It serves to provide a documented record of individual employee performance.

If well developed staff performance appraisal should be developmental, motivational and should facilitate employee empowerment.

Individual work plans are a prerequisite for functional staff performance appraisal. Without them appraisal can hardly be objective.

The purpose of staff performance appraisal is two fold:

  • To assess and document performance with the intention of linking it to pay award including promotion and other reference purposes.
  • To assess performance to highlight and document employee training and development needs.

Our approach essentially has three steps:

  1. Preparing annual individual work plans with clear performance objectives, targets, deadlines and standards (performance criteria).
  2. Conducting continuous performance review.
  3. Carrying out criteria based open performance appraisal.

In particular we have extensive experience in developing open and objective employee performance review and appraisal (OOPRAS) systems.

Further thoughts

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