Strategic Planning

Running an organization is an exciting journey that requires:

  • Understanding the organization's purpose
  • Clarifying customers, services and products
  • Defining long and medium term objectives inline with the purpose
  • Organizing human, financial and technology resources to meet the objectives

A Strategic Plan ties together the above; it provides a road map for an organization from its current position to a desired future.

Once your plan is ready, we can build you a M&E system and or proceed to annual work planning.

How an organization undertakes strategic planning is crucial. The process should involve:

  • As many employees and stakeholders as possible
  • Reviewing organizational purpose
  • Developing organizational vision
  • Conducting internal and external analyses to crystallize critical issues
  • Identifying strategies
  • Establishing future measurable goals and their monitoring
  • Activity-based budgeting

Ensuring critical assessment requires eliminating internal sources of bias. This is where we come in to facilitate the process and help to prepare the final document.

We employ participatory and coaching approaches. This ensures staff capacity building and shared organizational vision essential for sustaining implementation of the plan.

Further thoughts

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